I am probably most excited about this discount just because it’s a site I have really been wanting to join. It’s called POVD and the reason I want to join it so bad is because there is literally nothing out there like this. POVD is a site that gives you such a unique view I am not sure we will ever see anything else like it. I mean these guys have to have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars just in equipment. The whole style that it is shot in is a true POVD style. Not that bullshit angle where the guy is holding the camera and it’s super jerky and he only has one hand. This is something you just have to see to believe so if you want to see some of their videos just click on that link. Otherwise you probably got here because you already know about POVD and are looking to save a few bucks. We here at xReview have a 40% off linkcode for you guys so instead of paying $̶29.̶9̶5 you’re just going to be paying $17.95!

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