Fantasy HD
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The Good
  • The hottest pornstars come on this site
  • Every video is done in amazing High Definition
  • Matching pictures with every update
The Bad
  • The updates are not always consistent you will however always get 1 per week
95%Overall Score
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Fantasy HD has been around for less than a year but already they’ve put out an impressive collection of hot photo and video shoots featuring some gorgeous models. The basic idea is to bring fantasy to reality with high quality content, and for the most part they do pretty well although some of the ‘fantasies’ appear a little on the generic side. That said, the quality of the content is stellar and the performers are some of the hottest around so they could probably do well with videos of them just doing accounting work or something!

Being so new they haven’t built up an enormous archive of content yet of course, but they update fairly often and everything is done top-shelf…they obviously don’t kick things out the door just for the sake of building up a mountain of content, which is good. Instead, they concentrate on doing each ‘fantasy’ as well as they can, usually starting out with a little montage to set the scene and then a playful sort of transition into some kissing and foreplay and then all-out fucking. It’s a hardcore site that feels like a softcore site at first, which I feel gives things a nice fresh feeling instead of a sort of smutty atmosphere.

The videos clock in at a hefty 1920 x 1080 resolution, with 1500 x 1000 resolution images…there are separate areas for screenshots as well as the regular high-quality photos, which I appreciated. The content is exclusive to the site and varies in genre from hardcore to solo masturbation to lesbian and into group sex and threesomes, so with more of their regular updates I think Fantasy HD will be a powerhouse in no time!

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