Fucked Hard 18
Members Area94%
Download Speeds93%
The Good
  • Really Hot Girls
  • True Massage Site
  • The girls really enjoy this type of sex
The Bad
  • Same scenery every time plot never changes
  • New scenes have condoms
  • Almost always a facial
85%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (16 Votes)

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The premise of Fucked Hard 18 is pretty simple…a (usually super cute) girl shows up and is greeted by the massage therapist, whose face we never see, and quickly gets naked to hop up on the table. After a short oiling up and rubbing down of the muscles things start getting intimate, the girl gets turned on and starts moaning and the masseuse is off to the races, fucking her good and hard right there on the table. It’s a formula that seems to be working pretty well for them, although if you’re looking for something more you’re bound to be disappointed.

What they do, they do well though…Fucked Hard 18 has 150+ girls with high quality video (streamable and downloadable in different filesizes and resolutions) and high resolution photos with downloadable .zips. The updates are tagged with a few simple categories (brunette, blonde, etc) to make searching for whatever you have in mind a little easier, and above all the hardcore action is always hot and never seems fake or too overdone. There are also individual video clips for the scenes available so you don’t have to download the whole movie, which is a great feature.

Overall the site knows what it is going for and does a great job, so if super hot girls getting massaged and getting fucked is your thing you’d be hard-pressed to find a site that does it better. On the other hand if you want more of a variety in your content, this would definitely not be the site for you. Thumbs up.

Get 40% Off Of FuckedHard18!