X Art
Members Area97%
Download Speeds90%
The Good
  • The original erotica site on the Internet
  • Doesn't get higher quality then this
  • Exclusive girls you don't see other places
The Bad
  • The will give you a picture set with no video update and wait 2 month before that video comes out
  • Sometimes the picture updates are nothing more then screenshots of the video that has yet to come out
94%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)

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Talk about doing what you love and doing it right! X-art has hands-down some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen on any adult site, hand-picked from all over the world (mostly European girls). The photoshoots are incredibly high quality and the videos have a high production value…what strikes me most about the site, though, is that everything is artistically done and doesn’t feel smutty or gratuitous at all.

Think of the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, either on person or in the movies or music videos or fashion magazines…now picture a woman that hot taking a dick up the ass while licking her equally-stunning girlfriend’s pussy and you’ve got an idea of what you’ll get with X-art! There are over 150 different models, the majority of which have done multiple photo and video shoots for the site, and they add new models fairly regularly so it never feels like things are stagnating. The locations are beautiful, especially the outdoor shoots, and in a variety of resolutions ranging up to 1920×1080 HD video you’ll get to see every detail.

X-art updates multiple times a week; however, often the same episode will have a photoset and video shoot come out as separate updates. This by itself is fine but sometimes there will be a long gap between when the photoset comes out and when the video is released (or vice-versa), which can be a bit frustrating in my opinion. You won’t be getting any bonus sites for your join-dollars but what X-art lacks in variety they more than make up for in dedication to the niche they provide; if you appreciate artistic photography and videography featuring supermodel-caliber models in solo softcore as well as lesbian, hardcore boy-girl and threesome sex scenes, you will be hard-pressed to find better content anywhere. Fans of plus-sized models will probably be a bit disappointed, though; these girls are usually rail-thin (with a few exceptions).

What it boils down to is that if you like the kind of content X-art is providing you’ll be head over heels about them. The site itself is clean, easy to navigate and feels professional, the content is exceptional and frequently updated and the member base is growing which makes for a fun commentary experience for each shoot…I have no choice but to give a big two thumbs up for X-art, highly recommended!
Get 70% Off X Art