FTV Girls
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Download Speeds95%
The Good
  • Every week you get a update of a girl and there is a ton of content for her.
  • The girls are really fresh and usually real amateurs
  • Very high quality content and public nudity that you just don't see other places
The Bad
  • The hardest the site goes is masturbation and lesbian sex
  • Pre-Check cross sale you will want to uncheck for Danielle FTV
97%Overall Score
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How many sites can you say have been updating every week since 2002 and are still going strong? Not many, is my guess…but FTV Girls has been around awhile and from the looks of things it looks like they’ve cemented their place and are here to stay.

FTV Girls (which stands for First Time Video Girls, by the way) started out because the creators were sick and tired of generic porn sites that were updated whenever the site owner felt like it with overly-airbrushed photos, crappy quality images and just a general feeling of inhumanness to them. What they wanted to do with their new site was have girls with real personality, photos and videos that were high quality and engaging to the viewer and, above all, a feeling of intimacy to the entire shoot, and that is exactly what they did.

As I mentioned, FTV Girls has been up and running since 2002 shooting their exclusive content (quite a few of their models *only* shoot for their site, if that tells you anything) and the quality just keeps getting better, both in terms of the quality of model they attract as well as the quality of the actual images and photos they produce. Obviously the deeper in the archive you go the lower quality photos and videos you’ll find, just because of the technology available at the time, but nowadays the videos are in beautiful HD (the videos are streamable as well as downloadable) and the photos are large and crisp with up to 4000px resolution. What’s the resolution on your monitor again?

The site just had a major overhaul which improved things not only visually design-wise, but also sanded off some of the rough edges from the site’s infancy. It’s easier to find what you want with keyword searching, sortable tags and stats for models, drastically improved support for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, a Favorites system, improved video streaming and probably a ton of stuff under the hood that I have no idea about. All in all the site has a sexy look and a great system for watching videos, which seems to be one of their bigger draws in this day and age. Newer videos come in WMV, MP4 and 3gp formats in high- or low-quality…or, as FTV puts it, ‘Ultra HD’ and ‘Standard HD’.

Usually the videos are about 10-12 minutes per clip with a handful of clips per shoot, and a handful of shoots per model. What it breaks down to is generally about an hour and a half of video and a few hundred photos per girl (with downloadable zips) with an update every week, usually on Saturdays. There are some recurring themes to the shoots but the idea is for the girl to experience something she has never done before (hence First Time Video Girls!) whether it be something relatively tame like flashing or masturbating in public, ranging all the way to extreme fetish material like fisting, huge toys, squirting…the list goes on; the only thing that’s a guarantee is that you’ll always see something new for the model.

The update schedule is a little light in my opinion…if they could squeeze in two updates a week it would be great and would grow their content heap way faster, but I guess it makes sense to keep it at once a week; there is obviously a lot of care and planning that goes into the photography and I believe there is only one photographer for the site. Overall there’s very little not to like about the site, with a few small nitpicks…after the recent renovations to the website, third-party download managers don’t seem to work so good anymore but that only affects you if you like to queue up a ton of downloads and fill up your entire hard drive with videos overnight or something. If you’re heavy into hardcore you might be a little disappointed; there are a few hardcore sets here and there but by and large the focus is on softcore sets, solo and the occasional girl-girl. FTV Girls is a winner in my book, worth taking a look at for sure especially if you appreciate the softer-core side of things.

Get 34% Off FTV Girls